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I'm Harriet HJ!

I'm a freelance graphic designer based in Sheffield. I've always known I wanted to be a graphic designer, since my school days. I've got a passion for all things bright and colourful and I love crafting meaningful and vibrant designs for my clients. 
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My journey so far...


Studied BA (hons) Visual Communication at Birmingham City University.
I knew from my school years I wanted to work in the design industry, so I jumped right into studying visual communication at uni and specialised in graphic design. During my studies I learnt my core technical skills and tried to narrow down which area of graphic design I wanted to delve into. I worked with a few agencies to get some hands on experience and collaborated with other students on client projects that came into the university. 


Started working as a freelance designer with agencies and the University.
After finishing Uni I worked with a number of creative agencies on a freelance basis in and around Birmingham, the roles varied inc. working with start ups, established creative agencies and corporate businesses. I also went back to Uni to work as a visiting lecturer where I planned and executed workshops for the students and held one-to-ones with individuals who needed advice/help with their projects. 


I started working as a full-time graphic designer in a marketing agency.
I was offered an opportunity to work in-house at a digital marketing agency, I jumped at the offer to work with a creative team and really enjoyed the time I spent there. I felt like I honed in on my skill set here, working in a fast pace environment to tight deadlines really pushed me to improve my skills. This job role also taught me a lot about running a business, how to effectively communicate with clients and how to organise my projects! I worked here for 3 years, working my way up to Head of Creative. Unfortunately the business was permanently closed in early 2022. 

What I'm doing now...

I started working for myself again, and I'm now a full-time freelancer. After the agency closed, I decided to give freelancing another go, with all the new skills I've learned. I am really enjoying working with new clients and being able to add a little bit more of my personality into the projects I work on.
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Follow me on socials

My social platforms are like my 'living' portfolio, it's where I'll get stuck into online briefs, post client work and make the odd reel, give me a follow to stay up to date with what I'm working on!
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Got a project in mind?

Are you ready to start your next design project?

I'd love to know more about it.

Send me an email if you would like a quote or have any questions. Alternatively, drop me a call if you would like to meet up face-to-face for a coffee!

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