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AMCO provide infrastructure in the energy, environmental and transport sectors. AMCO need a refresh of their brand, this included a look at their brand identity guidelines, and their printed and promotional materials. 

AMCO Brand guides_edited.jpg
Wall Poster Mockup_edited.png

Firstly I took a look at their colour palette, they wanted to keep their core orange brand colour, but to build on it. I added a lighter and a darker orange to the primary brand colours, this gave the brand more flexibility and variation when creating any future artworks. We also delved into the secondary colour palette, this represented their 'SPIRIT' ethos, having a colour for each letter of the word. 

Individual files-03_edited.png
Tempate 2_edited.jpg

Although AMCO needed to be professional, and keep a serious element in their brand, it needed to be modernised using a new colour palette and font family. We also introduced a wheel design to the brand elements, this featured on site imagery from AMCO, in a variation of the primary colours. 

AMCO Brand guides_edited_edited.jpg
Individual files-01_edited.png
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